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Sourcing helps our clients to get the best product/service at the best value. We like to help our clients’ business to grow rapidly with our sourcing services that we provide. It gives small and medium enterprises a huge opportunity to get benefited from our experience in the field and get more exposure in the market.

It is our responsibility to make the best use our expertise right from the planning to the implementation and give our clients a competitive edge.
The main objective of providing this service is to improve value-to-price relationship and achieving cost reductions while maintaining or improving the quality/service. Our team of professionals understands the category buying and management process to identify improvements opportunities. Once these opportunities are identified, the most suitable steps are taken to make those opportunities a strength.
We are proud to say that we have been in this sector for a long time and provide the following sourcing services:

•    Outsourcing
•    Insourcing
•    Strategic sourcing
•    Trade-good sourcing
•    Sourcing (personnel)
•    Corporate sourcing
•    Net-sourcing
•    Remote Insourcing
•    Multi-sourcing

With glory horizons on your side providing you sourcing services, you will see increase in the quality of your business, access to the new suppliers, improvement of operational efficiency, standardizing pricing, cost saving, best price sharing, creating partnerships with suppliers and many more benefits.

Private Labeling

Just like many other businesses, Private Labeling is also an important part of the company portfolio. It helps the national manufacturers and customers to have a better product with high international standards and attractive packaging. It gives the value for money to the customers at an affordable price. We help our clients to create better sales opportunities for the retailers. Glory Horizons deals in the private labeling of perfumery across the UAE, making it easier for the general public to get the high quality products at an affordable price and value.
As Glory Horizons provides retail solutions to its clients, it is easy for us to keep the private labels way ahead of the competition with effective positioning and using push and pull strategy. This excellent use of the skills of our team makes us one of a kind and benefits our clients in a way that is best for both, our clients and their customers.

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